Submarine Pipeline Project

CSR GeoSurveys Ltd. conducted a marine geophysical survey and geotechnical exploration program to support the engineering and design of a submarine pipeline project for a major energy supplier in Canada. The proposed submarine pipeline route is approximately 4 km and extends from approximately 5 m to 70 m water depth.

This project included the collection, processing and analysis of the following geophysical data.

  • Chirp sub-bottom data (Klein 3310 Chirp)
  • Boomer reflection sub-bottom data (Surface Tow/CSP-P 350J)
  • Sidescan sonar data (Klein 3000)
  • Multibeam echosounder data (Reson T20P)
  • Underwater Video transects


This project also included the collection, field analysis/testing, and laboratory analysis of 9 vibracore samples (5 m cores).

Project Team
Project Manager – Glen Gilbert
Geotechnical Manager – Pat Campbell
Field Party Chief – Colin Toole