CSR Company News

CSR GeoSurveys Ltd. is pleased to announce the addition of Howard Black to our team!

As a Project Manager with CSR, Howard is responsible for survey design, proposal generation, field operations, client interaction, data analysis/processing, and equipment maintenance/repairs. Howard has 17 years of experience designing, managing, and supporting geophysical survey projects. Howard is also a trained Electronics Engineering Technologist with focus in the areas of geophysics, mineral exploration, damage prevention and general sub-surface investigations. Howard has extensive knowledge and experience with several geophysical applications including EM conductivity profiling, resistivity, radiometrics, seismic reflection/refraction/MASW, magnetics and ground penetrating radar (GPR). With CSR, Howard is also responsible for HSE management, and the implementation of safe work practices related to geophysical data collection.


CSR GeoSurveys Ltd. completed multiple terrestrial geophysical surveys during 2021 to locate potential areas of seepage at Tailings and Hydroelectric dam structures in Quebec, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland. Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) or Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI), Terrain Conductivity (EM), and Self Potential (SP) survey methods were performed to identify areas of potential seepage. The data collected by CSR will provide our clients with critical information on the condition of the dams and support the planning of maintenance work required for mitigating seepage. Extensive HSE protocols were designed and followed to ensure crew safety while working at the dam sites and adhere to provincial Covid regulations. The surveys completed during fall and winter weather conditions achieved high resolution results for our clients. 


CSR GeoSurveys Ltd. was contracted to conduct a marine geophysical survey to support the development of a new port facility for the Government of Montserrat in the Caribbean. Bathymetry, sub-bottom, and side scan sonar data were collected and processed to assist in dredge planning and engineering design for the project. Significant planning and preparations were required to ensure the safety of the crew, as the field work was conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic.