Sea of Okhotsk (Russian Arctic)

CSR conducted two surveys within the Sea of Okhotsk offshore Sakhalin Island for Exxon and Sakhalin Energy Investment Company. The Exxon survey was conducted from a research camp utilizing small boats immediately following ice break-up. The objectives of the Exxonsurvey were: 

  • Acquire high resolution sidescan sonar, sub-bottom profiler, bathymetry and grab/core geological data to gain additional insight into the seabed sediments along the pipeline routes and offshore structure locations.
  • Acquire data on ice gouge and bottom sediment mobility to develop design criteria for pipelines and subsea systems.
  • Determine temporal and spatial ice gouge obliteration rates.


The Sakhalin Energy high resolution geophysical survey was conducted from a large offshore vessel in support of proposed development including offshore structures and sub-sea pipelines. A comprehensive statistical analysis, report, and GIS were provided to SEIC as a final deliverable.