Offshore Wind Turbine Project

CSR GeoSurveys Ltd. conducted marine geophysical and geotechnical survey for an offshore wind project within the Great Lakes. The project is comprised of six (3.6 MW) wind turbine generators (WTG) located in Lake Erie. Each of the WTGs will be supported by a mono-pole substructure founded on a suction bucket foundation (mono-bucket). Energy generated from the WTGs will be transmitted through an export cable from the offshore turbine area to shore. The project is unique as it will be the first freshwater wind project in North America and will be designed to withstand ice loads that are not typically considered for offshore foundations.

CSR GeoSurveys Ltd. was contracted to conduct a marine geophysical survey along the proposed submarine power cable route. The survey included the acquisition of sidescan sonar, chirp sub-bottom profiler, magnetometer, multibeam echosounder and dual frequency single beam echosounder data. 


CSR assisted on the geotechnical survey which included 6m piston cores at nominal 2km intervals, 6m penetration gCPT at nominal 1km intervals, and box cores with cyclic t-bar measurements.