Large Scale Magnetic Clearance Survey

CSR GeoSurveysLtd. conducted a large scale magnetic clearance survey for a client in Western Canada. CSR worked directly with the Cree Nation over a 2-year period to collect over 4000 line kilometers of both ground and marine magnetic data. The magnetic data was used to identify old construction debris left behind from historic projects in the area which required environmental cleanup.

The project consisted of several ground mag teams collecting 3 m spaced lines over a large remote area using both GSM 19 and GSM 35 Magnetometers. Marine magnetometer data and sidescan sonar data was also collected to identify construction debris in the marine environment.


After completion of the magnetic surveys, CSR GeoSurveys Ltd. worked directly with the Cree nation to ground truth the magnetic anomalies in order to identify source of the anomalies and type of construction debris prior to clean up and removal from site.