EM61 MAPPING, DND Naval Engineering School

CSR was contracted to locate buried steel drums at the DND Naval Engineering School located at Purcells Cove Road, Halifax Nova Scotia. A ground geophysical survey was conducted using an EM61 system to locate buried metallic objects and steel drums.

The targets identified during the survey include.

  • The North Western part of the parking lot shows numerous EM targets which are suspected to be buried metal debris.
  • The EM response within Areas 1 through 6 is consistent with the metallic content of a 45 gallon steel drum.  It is noted however that other sub-surface debris may also contribute to these targets, especially at Areas 5 and 6.
  • Areas A to D are the results of above ground structures such as; steel post/chain link fence, stop sign post, well cover, survey marker, and power pole.
  • Area E is suspected to be an underground culvert at the entrance to the parking lot.


An EM61 map of the DND facility was compiled during this project.