Void Detection and Stability Analysis

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) has several applications across a wide range of industries. It is non-destructive and can be used to detect subsurface objects, voids, as well as analyze subsurface stability. Processed data can be integrated with mapping, GPS, and 3D technology to produce high quality subsurface profiles.

GPR’s versatility makes it one of the most useful tools in engineering, construction, archaeology, geosciences, and many other fields.

Example Applications

  • Subsurface characterization
  • Detection of Drums, utilities, waste
  • Mapping contamination plumes
  • Utility; Wire, Septic, Conduit Detection
  • Overburden and stratigraphic mapping
  • Depth to Bedrock and velocity identification
  • Groundwater Location
  • Detecting salt water intrusion
  • UXO, Drum, Tank, Pipe, Rebar Detection