CSR GeoSurveys Ltd. utilizes both small coastal boats as well as full ocean going vessels for their operations.

Canadian Seabed Research owns a small fleet of trailerable boats.

"Seabed" and “Petrel” are 18’ Rosborough RF18’s These boats are ideal platforms for nearshore and lake survey work.

They are outfitted for bathymetry, side scan, shallow Seismic and sampling operations.

“Seastar”  is a 22’ Rosborough RF22.  She is well suited to rougher coastal waters and open lakes.

She is outfitted for multibeam operations, shallow Seismic, side scan  and coring operations.

"SEAHORSE" is a 22' pontoon boat. She is a  dependable stable vessel for seismic, multibeam, and coring operations.

CSR has conducted much of its survey work from a variety of vessels of opportunity around the world. CSR can arrange to contract the vessel best suited to a particular job.